27th February

The amount I have earned from My Homepage-Friends is now up to £7.28. I didn't receive any money yesterday, but I took part in paid surveys for both OpinionWorld and Valued Opinions so hopefully I will get payment for those soon.

26th February

Since yesterday the amount of money in my Homepages-Friends account has reached £7.18. I was sent a number of emails inviting me to surveys, but as often happens I was screened out of all of them. Hopefully more luck today.

25th February

Yesterday I mentioned that I had sent an email off to Homepages-Friends. I received a prompt response, and it turns out that my searching patterns were flagged up by the computer and so my account had been terminated. However, they have given me a second chance so this time I will have to search better.

I also received two £1 payments into my PayPal account from OpinionWorld so I am happy about that as well.


Once again I have made nothing extra from online surveys. However I have sent an email off to Homepages-Friends asking about the problems which I have had with my account. I tried last week but the message got returned back to me as Homepages-Friends email inbox was full, but I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and hopefully this time it will get through. Obviously I will post the results whatever way on here.

New update

I have not made an update for a while and this is due to not making much money. I have had a few issues with my Homepages-Friends account as it has been suspended although I am not sure why although I am trying to find out. I have also made no money from any surveys.

Today's update

Today when checking the money in my Homepages-Friends account it has increased to £6.93, including 2p from a serarch by friends. I know have 1 friend so I will be interested to see how it grows.


Once again I have earned nothing from surveys. However my Homepages Friends account is now up to £5.77.

New update

Once again there is nothing to report other than an increase in the amount of money in my Homepages-Friends account. The total now stands at £4.89.

Latest update

Once again I have earned no money from surveys. However the money in my Hompages-Friends account is now up to £3.51 off of 167 searches, but I still have no friends.

Latest update

No surveys were filled out yesterday and I did not reciev any payments for any online activities. However my Hompages-Friends account, where I get paid for doing my normal searches, is up to £2.71 from 129 searches.

Harris Poll Online Review

Harris Poll Online is another paid survey site. Established by Harris Interactive it works in the same way as most other survey sites in that it requires registration and then invitations to the carry out surveys are done via email, which I have found come approximately twice a week. The surveys themselves are generally easy to follow and aren't as boring and as repetitive as others which I have come across.

Reward is made via HiPoints. Generally completed surveys qualify for 200 HiPoints, and even if screened out 30 HiPoints are earned. This is a good bonus as with other survey sites 5 or more minutes can be spent filling in surveys before being screened out, and there is no reward for the time. It is also possible to get bonus HiPoints when signing up, completing set numbers of surveys and for introducing a friend who also completes a survey.

HiPoints can be transferred for entries into various prize draws, or into a PayPal transfer at a rate of 1 HiPoint being 1p. This PayPal transfer I found to be relatively quick, taking less than a week from when I requested them.

I have been a member of Harris Poll for about three months, and have already been paid £25 into my PayPal account and am currently building up my HiPoints ahead of my next payment.

Harris Poll is definately a survey site which I would recommend, as it is one of the best I have come across.

Todays news

Yesterday I must have done a lot of searching as the amount within my Homepages-Friends account increased from 53p to £2.08, with a total number of searches of 99 (and I am yet to get any affiliates). I intend to post a bigger blog about Homepages-Friends (www.myhpf.co.uk) when I have more experience of the site but until then I shall continue to post these basic updates. However, it is worth pointig out the money is earned for searching the web using the serach box like I would normally do so it is well worth it in my opinion.

Opinion World Review

Another online survey site which I sometimes use is called OpinionWorld. Like most survey websites, to start off registering is needed, which from memory took a little while. Once registered, the email invitations to surveys commence relatively quickly.

I receive on average about 1 invitation a day. However, the majority of these are for small surveys, in which nothing is earned and instead a donation is made to a charity. This charities do change, and I assume that the donations are actually made. In addition there is an entry into a prize draw, but as of yet I have not won anything in one of these.

Approximately once or twice a week, however,emails are sent out which have surveys accompanied by a cash reward. In my experience this cash reward has always been either £1 or £2 but I believe that other rewards are available for different surveys. Unlike other sites there is no need to wait for a limit to be reached before the cash can be accessed, with OpinionWorld the money is transferred for each survey separately. However, like Valued Opinions which I also have experience of, there is a delay before the reward is accessible, which can be up to 6 weeks, but I have always received my cash in the end.

The cash is sent via PayPal, so there is a need to have an account for this (which has to have the same email address as the one you use to register to OpinionWorld. Whilst this is easy, it can be frustrating getting paid £1 and not being able to use it, since PayPal has withdrawal charges which I for one am loathed to pay!

All in all though I would recommend OpinionWorld and have definately not found it to be a scam as I have always been paid on time.

Update: As of August 2009 I have started to receive emails which instead of offering £1 per survey which is deposited automatically into a PayPal accoutn 100 points are earned instead. These points are accumulated until 1000 are reached. Once this is achieved, it is possible to get £10 sent to a nominated PayPal account. Whilst this means that each survey is worth about the same as previously, there is the need to wait for this payout level to be reached, the lack of which was one of the biggest advantages to OpinionWorld. Apart from this all OpinionWorld surveys remain the same, including the option to support a charity after every survey is completed.

Great online survey site review

Valued Opinions is one of the best paid online survey sites I have come across. Sign-up is quite simple, taking me only about 10 minutes, and from then on it is possible to get emails which contain links to the surveys.

These emails are always very clear, they contain a general overview of the survey about to be undertaken and as such include the cash reward, subject area and length of time. The email also contains a link to your own unique survey.

The surveys themselves are generally relatively well phrased and not to repetitive, and the surveys I receive cover a wide range of topics. I generally find that the surveys are slightly shorter than the advised time, but maybe I am just a fast reader!

As for the cash reward this is generally a decent amount. It can range in value from about 50p up to £5, although there are higher values for specific tasks sometime available but as of yet I have been unable to get this. The rate of pay is approximately £5 an hour using the estimations within the email, so that a 30 minute survey will pay out £2.5, although this value varies and as I have already mentioned the time estimates are in my experience slightly longer than it takes to do the survey in reality. Once the amount in the online account reaches £10 it is possible to change this for a voucher. Whilst it may be preferable to have it in cash, for people in the UK there should be a voucher for everyone, as the list is very long and includes household names such as Amazon, Tesco and John Lewis. I have always gone for Tesco vouchers, and whilst the website warns it may take up to 28 days for delivery, in my experience the delivery has always been under a week.

There are a couple of negatives though. When a survey is completed the money is in the account under 'pending' and it can take a month for it to be OK to withdrawal the money. Secondly, it is not uncommon to answer a couple of questions, only to be told that the website is after a certain group of people, and nothing is earned for this. However, I personally find this to be a very minor fault and so would recommend using this website for a little bit of extra cash if there is spare time.


Good cashback site!

One of the first sites I used to make my money go further online was Mutual Points. Like all cashback sites, it is possible to earn back a percentage of the money which is spent purchasing items online, with the added benefit that unlike many cashback sites there is no fee for doing so. This can vary in amount, from simple percentages to one off values. For instance when purchasing items on HMV through the website 2.5% of the total spend is earnt as cashback, yet by signing up to Betfair earnt me 3750 points, as soon as £10 had been staked. Since 3000 points is worth £20, it is worth doing this, provided you are disciplined enough not to bet more than £10!

Whilst so far this is like any other cashback site, it is possible to earn money for other activities. These include earning cashback when shopping at a number of high street stores, including Superdrug and JJB sports. There is also a section where it is possible to get money off vouchers, and these are often accompanied by points as well! It is in addition possible to earn money from what are known as free rewards, although the downside to this is it often involves signing up to a company's mailing list. The final way of getting points, which can later be converted into money is by opting to recieve emails from the company. This is an optional extra, and I choose to have a maximum of 3 emails a day. These often have bonus offers on them, or incentives to click through to a particular website. Typically this would be 5 points, so with 3 emails it is 15 points. Whilst this might not seem like a large amount, it is 10p a day for doing very little.

The payment process is very simple. When 3000 points have been attained, it is possible to request a cheque for £20 to be sent out. In my experience this was a relatively quick process, taking less than 2 weeks.

All in all this is a website I would thoroughly recommend, and it can be accessed here.


This blog will include many ways which I have found of making and saving money, both online and offline. Whilst it is likely that not all posts I make will be relevant to everyone, I hope that at least some will be.