Monthly update - July 2010

Time for my latest update on what I have earned in July 2010.  I can't believe it is that soon already, but it is.

This month was another month in which I created very little new material, and also I did very little in the way of backlinking and so my earnings this month can once again be pretty much classed as residual.  I did a very small amount of backlinking but that was it.  So here are my earnings and as usual only those sites which earned me something are included.

Hubpages: $122.61 (8% decrease over June 2010)
Infobarrel: $0.18 (69% decrease)
Redgage: $0.11 (57% increase)
Shetoldme: $0.53 (No earnings last month)

As can be seen from the above, I had a decrease in earnings, with some sources of income such as Webanswers and Xomba having exactly no earnings during July.  This was disappointing, but hopefully the numbers will increase over the coming months.  I am hoping that due to the small amount of traffic that I get this is just a statistical swing.  I also have a long standing aim now that my earnings are increasing to have a month where every day my Adsense earnings exceed $1 - this month was the closest I have come yet with the only day when I earned less than $1 from Adsense was 31st July where I only earned $0.97!

You may remember my targets from my June 2010 earnings update -  well as you can see I didn't reach $150 combined and neither did I reach $5 from Xomba - in fact I was as far aware as I could possibly be.  This is disappointing, but considering I did no work in July 2010 to still manage to keep my decrease in earnings to under 10% is uplifting and I feel this shows the true potential of residual income.  I hope to be able to do more work during August and so I hope to reach earnings of $150 and also keep daily Adsense earnings above $1 every day!  I am also getting very close to having lifetime Hubpages earnings of $1000 and so I hope to hit this amount during August 2010.  

Were your July 2010 earnings more successful than mine?  Have any tips on how I am going wrong?  As always use the comment box below!