How much money can be made using Youtube?

You may have heard of the stories on massive incomes being made from Youtube.  Some of these stories include people who have made large amounts out of money from multiple views having built up a large following, but others are due to one off videos making it big.  I noticed that Kidgas had written a piece a while back on making money from Youtube, so I wanted to see if I could do similar and possibly get some residual earnings, but up until recently I had no decent videos.  

However, I recently got the chance to see a Sea King helicopter at very close range whilst out walking near the coast and so I uploaded the videos to Youtube to see if I could make any money.

See the videos here:

Despite the name of the videos, I feel I should point out that I believe the 'rescue' taking place was purely an exercise.

Well as can be seen from the videos, they have been up for over 2 months now and they have had very low traffic.  In fact, combined the traffic is only about 60 views and considering that many of these views came right at the beginning it would indicate I will be waiting a very long time to make my first million from Youtube.  There could be several reasons for this.  Firstly, each Sea King video on Youtube seems to have only a small number of views (aside from a couple of videos of these helicopters crashing!).  Secondly, I have done little by the way of backlinking etc to drive traffic to these videos over the alternative Sea King videos.   Thirdly, I appreciate that these videos are of a rather poor quality.  Therefore my experiment so far to see whether it is possible to make any money from Youtube has so far indicated that without traffic it isn't possible to get any earnings (rather like the web in general).  However, I am not completely deterred and so I have uploaded a couple more videos, one of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta nightglow and one of a panoramic video of Falmouth, Cornwall.