Dooyoo Review - Is it really possible to make money just for writing reviews?

Dooyoo is a website where it is possible to earn just for posting reviews on a large range of products.  In this blog post, I will review the reviewers to hopefully advise you on whether you should also be looking at using Dooyoo.

Firstly what is Dooyoo?
As said already, it is a site where you can write reviews on almost any product and be rewarded for this.  Products to be reviewed are put into varioustop level categories, and then subdivided down further.  For example, Media > Books & Magazines > Travel Books.
The reviews can be seen by people who go directly to the site, but Dooyoo probably hope they will also get lots of views originating with the search engines.  Dooyoo make their money from adverts on site, and they also have links to companies like Amazon who are selling the reviewed products for which they earn a commission.
It is important products are in the correct category as each category is allocated a Level - in total there are 3 levels with Level 1 being those which are most attractive to advertisers and Level 3 being the least.

How do you earn?
As with many ways of making money online, Dooyoo has it's own particular "currency" namely Dooyoomiles.  The amount of Dooyoomiles earned for each review depends on which category it sits in - Level 1 reviews earn 600 Dooyoomiles, Level 2 pays 300 Dooyoomiles per review and Level 3 rewards 100 Dooyoomiles.  Furthermore, it is also possible to earn additional Dooyoomiles each time another member reads your review, these are at the rate of 20, 15 or 10 Dooyoumiles dependent on which "Level" the review is in.  Extra special reviews can also qualify for a "Crown", for these an extra 1500 Dooyoomiles are awarded.

How much is each Douyoumile worth?
For the UK site each Dooyoomile is in effect worth 0.1p as 1000 Doyoumiles are worth £1, there are other Dooyoo sites elsewhere worldwide and so these rates will vary.

How do you claim these earnings?
Payment is made through one of two methods, either a bank transfer direct into your bank account or through Amazon vouchers.  Occassionally I believe Dooyoo also runs bonus events whereby each Dooyoomile is worth slightly more in Amazon vouchers than it's normal cash value.  There is also the option of donating your Dooyoomiles to charity.

My review
Dooyoo is a good site to earn a small amount of money if you have spare time and an internet connection.  However, you are somewhat limited by the amounts that can be earned since you need to have actually used the item reviewed.  Whilst it may be possible to do a lot of reviews in the Level 3 categories (books, films, groceries etc), the highest earning reviews in Level 1 are for items which are rarely purchased.  Therefore, you will not become rich using Dooyoo, but I definitely recommend it if you have a few hours spare.

If you like my review of Dooyoo, why not check out my Dooyoo profile here.

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