Harris Poll Online Review

Harris Poll Online is another paid survey site. Established by Harris Interactive it works in the same way as most other survey sites in that it requires registration and then invitations to the carry out surveys are done via email, which I have found come approximately twice a week. The surveys themselves are generally easy to follow and aren't as boring and as repetitive as others which I have come across.

Reward is made via HiPoints. Generally completed surveys qualify for 200 HiPoints, and even if screened out 30 HiPoints are earned. This is a good bonus as with other survey sites 5 or more minutes can be spent filling in surveys before being screened out, and there is no reward for the time. It is also possible to get bonus HiPoints when signing up, completing set numbers of surveys and for introducing a friend who also completes a survey.

HiPoints can be transferred for entries into various prize draws, or into a PayPal transfer at a rate of 1 HiPoint being 1p. This PayPal transfer I found to be relatively quick, taking less than a week from when I requested them.

I have been a member of Harris Poll for about three months, and have already been paid £25 into my PayPal account and am currently building up my HiPoints ahead of my next payment.

Harris Poll is definately a survey site which I would recommend, as it is one of the best I have come across.

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