Changes to OpinionWorld

I have used a paid survey site called OpinionWorld many times. I liked the site because they previously paid per survey directly into a PayPal account, unlike other companies which would give points for each individual survey, and once a certain level of points had been achieved these would be exchanged for some sort of reward. However, despite recently receiving a further £1 into my PayPal account, I have noticed a change to the OpinionWorld surveys. Now, many surveys are given points. Whilst there is no difference to the amount earned for each survey as far as I can tell, there is the need to save up to £10 (so ten surveys need to be completed). I should imagine the company has done this to save on administration costs, as well as many people never reaching the payout level.

I personally feel that this is a disappointing change though and as a result I will be much less likely to complete OpinionWorld surveys in the future.

I have also adjusted my OpinionWorld review accordingly to take account of these new changes.

Monthly Update - July 2009

During the past month I have started using Infobarrel properly, and have written my first 3 articles - are they called infobarrels or barrels?. They were primarily used to compliment some of my existing hubs, so one was on summer events in Bristol, one was on how to become an avon representative in Canada, and the final was on Cribbs Causeway.
I also published five new hubs. These were, as with most of my hubs, on random topics which came to my mind. As a result I wrote a hub on the hotels in Falmouth, Cornwall, a holiday in Flushing, how to become an Avon representative in the UK and becoming an Avon representative in the US and buying the best rubber teachers stamps.

Aside from these I have discovered that Homepages-Friends, where I got paid for searching the internet, is no longer running the service as of the 1st August, and so July will be my last set of updated figures.

Hubpages: $19.74 (59% increase on June 2009)
Homepages-Friends: £0.83 (12% decrease on June 2009)
Infobarrel: $0.48 (New for July 2009)

I was hoping that I would break through the $20 barrier for earnings from Hubpages for this month, but in the end came very close. However, I should hopefully make it in August. I have also made a smaller amount from Infobarrel, I will aim for much more modest earnings of $2 from Infobarrels over the coming month. To help me achieve these goals over the next month I hope to create a few more hubs/infobarrels as well as improve my existing ones.