Weekly Earnings Update - 30th March 2009

Over the last week since my last weekly update I have been unable to spend as much time on my online money making activities as I would have liked. I have however signed up for a new service called Tagfoot, and this seems to be a social bookmarking site a bit like Digg or Delicious, only Tagfoot has the added advantage of teh possibility from earning from the bookmarking. I intend to create a post explaining this in the near future when I have a better knowledge of the site.

Apart from this I have taken part in a couple of surveys, and have also published a new hub on hubpages on Falmouth beaches. I have also carried out a number of searches using Homepages-Friends, where I get paid for searching the internet. Whilst my earnings continue to be low, there is some increase on last week, and this is particularly encouraging considering I haven't really spent a lot of time on hubpages, and yet my earnings have more than doubled over the previous week. I am also getting very close to earning a total of £10 from Homepages-Friends, which is half way to pay out.

Hubpages adsense weekly earnings: $1.00

Homepages-Friends weekly earnings: £1.63

My Homepages-Friends Compatibility with Google Chrome

It was asked by The Analyst in the comment section of this post whether it was possible to use a Homepages-Friends search box with the Chrome browser. For those of you unfamiliar with Homepages-Friends, this is a company which pays a small amount everytime you carry out a search, either through the dedicated search box in a browser or through a personalised web page. More information on this can be found here.

I contacted Homepages Friends via email, and they have now got back to me. The response was at present the service is not compatible with Chrome.

It is my opinion though that it would be prudent for the company to make their browser compatible with Chrome, as whilst at present it only has a market share of just over 1%, one would expect that this percentage will climb. As a result I would be surprised if the company doesn't bring out a search box for Google Chrome within the next few months. Until then though, those of you who use Google Chrome will have to make do with your personalised webpages if you wish to get paid when searching the internet.

Weekly Update - 23rd March 2009

In the last week I have been relatively busy, and so have had little time to fill out online surveys or work on the other money making schemes. However, I have continued to be relatively active on Hubpages, which is what is responsible for all of my adsense earnings this week. I have made a few searches through my Hompages-Friends.

Adsense earnings: $0.43

Homepages-Friends earnings: £0.29

Weekly Update - 16th March 2009

This is an update of my earnings within the last week. Since my last update, I have taken part in a couple of surveys, but at the time of writing I had not received rewards for any of these. These included getting £2 for a Harris Poll Online survey. I have however earnt some Adsense earnings from my writing at Hubpages, and further money from carrying out searches through Homepages-Friends. These are summarised below:

Adsense: $0.91

My Homepages-Friends: £0.24

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9th March Update

Over the weekend and today I have attempted to take part in a number of online surveys. Two of these, one for OpinionWorld and one for Valued Opinions I made it through to the reward stage, so hopefully I will recieve the reward in due course (and of course I will update here when I do).

I have also carried out searches using My Homepages-Friends where I get paid for searching the internet and so the amount in my account is now up to £7.68

OpinionWorld Payment Update

Yesterday I recieved a further £1 from OpinionWorld into my PayPal account for a survey I have previously completed.

The money in my Homepages-Friends account is now up to £7.48.

I also completed a couple of surveys yesterday, one through Valued Opinions which I was screened out of and another from Home of Research which will hopefully lead to a second, paid, survey.

My hompe-pages friends update

The amount in my Homepages-Friends account, where I get paid for searching the internet, is now up to £7.46 although I still only have one referral. Click the banner on the right to get more information and to sign up.


Today I recieved a further £1 into my PayPal account for a survey which I have done through OpinionWorld/Survey Sampling International. This takes the amount in my account up to £9.

1st March

I have decided that from now on I will cease posting daily updates. Instead I shall post weekly updates, but also updates when I request rewards or recieve rewards.