Good cashback site!

One of the first sites I used to make my money go further online was Mutual Points. Like all cashback sites, it is possible to earn back a percentage of the money which is spent purchasing items online, with the added benefit that unlike many cashback sites there is no fee for doing so. This can vary in amount, from simple percentages to one off values. For instance when purchasing items on HMV through the website 2.5% of the total spend is earnt as cashback, yet by signing up to Betfair earnt me 3750 points, as soon as £10 had been staked. Since 3000 points is worth £20, it is worth doing this, provided you are disciplined enough not to bet more than £10!

Whilst so far this is like any other cashback site, it is possible to earn money for other activities. These include earning cashback when shopping at a number of high street stores, including Superdrug and JJB sports. There is also a section where it is possible to get money off vouchers, and these are often accompanied by points as well! It is in addition possible to earn money from what are known as free rewards, although the downside to this is it often involves signing up to a company's mailing list. The final way of getting points, which can later be converted into money is by opting to recieve emails from the company. This is an optional extra, and I choose to have a maximum of 3 emails a day. These often have bonus offers on them, or incentives to click through to a particular website. Typically this would be 5 points, so with 3 emails it is 15 points. Whilst this might not seem like a large amount, it is 10p a day for doing very little.

The payment process is very simple. When 3000 points have been attained, it is possible to request a cheque for £20 to be sent out. In my experience this was a relatively quick process, taking less than 2 weeks.

All in all this is a website I would thoroughly recommend, and it can be accessed here.

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