She Told Me - A great new do-follow backlinking tool and earn money from Adsense

As those of you who frequent the Hubpages forums may already know, a new website has launched. This is a social bookmarking site, which provides do follow links and takes part in Adsense revenue sharing. This new website is called She Told Me. The revenue sharing is relatively high, and there is the option of earning even more through referrals!

One downside is at the present time the pagerank is only 3, but the website is undergoing a massive explosion in traffic, so this will probably increase. In addition, as there are less users than Digg etc it will probably be easier to get your articles on the front page.

All in all this seems to be quite a good website and one which I intend on exploring further. I have provided a link above, this is a referral link and so I will earn some from your posts, but I believe you lose nothing. In addition, if you sign up as my referral I will keep an extra eye out for the links you submit, with the option that I will vote up your submission, taking it one step closer to the front page.


  1. Hi

    Seen your comment on Hubpages. Nice blog, I joined shetoldme a few days ago.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Laura!

  3. As you say, now it have PR 5, atlast i have visited on this page and knows about it... Thanks for sharing..

  4. It does have a page rank of 5 which makes it very good, plus there is the possibility to earn extra!