Top Cash Back launches in the USA - The best cashback site jumps across the pond

As you may all know I am a firm believer of cash back sites and have previously written about two from the UK - Mutual Points and Top Cash Back.  Top cash back has since become my favourite cashback site based on the fact it promises to return 100% of cashback earnings plus sometimes bonuses on top, with no fees.  This is in stark contrast to many other cashback sites which charge a fee, either monthly/yearly or as a percentage of cashback.

Up until recently topcashback has only been open for people shopping on UK sites.  However, they have recently opened a site called which caters to US audiences.  If it is anything like the Uk version of the site (which it appears to be) I would strongly recommend signing up to it.

For those who have no idea how cashback sites work it is simple.  Online retailers pay 'commission' to other website owners who refer individuals to their store (think of it as an advertising payment).  What cashback sites do is return a portion of this money to the consumer.  Top cash back is unusual in that it returns 100% of this cashback to the consumers and doesn't charge any fees.  In the UK they actually offer more than 100% cashback (meaning that they pass on more commission to the consumer than they get from the retailer).  Many people will wonder how this is possible - Top Cash Back say they are able to earn enough money from advertisements on site to cover their costs.  They also make money from bonus payments from retailers when certain targets are met, as well as probably making interest on unclaimed money.

There are several other advantages to Top Cash Back.  It is the largest cashback site in the UK and has been running for many years and so there is a degree of confidence that it is unlikely to go bust with all the money.  There are also generous refer a friend bonuses available - at the time of writing on the USA site this is currently $5 but on the UK topcashback it is £10 ($15).  There are also often no purchase cashback offers which are always welcome.

Overall I would recommend topcashback in the UK and now it has launched in the USA I would also recommend this site.  As can be seen from my earnings update to the right I have made a lot of money using topcashback in the UK (approximately $1000); so if you are in the US why not sign up for topcashback and if you already have why not post a review/share your opinion in the comments section below!