Annual Earnings Update - 2009

So it is the end of the year and I guess it is time for me to look at my earnings for the whole of 2009. At the beginning of the year my only experience of making money online was through paid survey sites and the like, but now I have much more experience and have moved on to much more profitable things like Hubpages (and hopefully in the future other similar schemes).

It appears that creating websites, or articles for websites is a good way of making money and if the right keywords are selected it is possible to earn a lot of money. However, there is some hard work and quite a bit of a learning curve to understand how to earn the money. Even after a year I am in no way an expert, in fact I would say I am not even moderate, yet I have still managed to earn quite a bit from Hubpages (and latterly Infobarrel) using only 34 Hubpages and 6 Infobarrels. So without further ado here are my annual earnings:

Hubpages: $303.00
Infobarrel: $11.95

As can be seen, despite not spending much time etc it has still been possible to earn a bit of money. Even without work (surely the true definition of passive income) it should increase in 2010, since I didn't write many of these hubs/infobarrels until mid 2009. However, it is my intention to write many more hubs and infobarrels during 2010 as well as looking at other ways of making money. As such my 2010 target for earnings from Hubpages is $600, $50 from Infobarrel and $50 from as yet unidentified online sources.

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