Monthly Update - February 2010

During February I did a lot of work to try and assist me making more money online. I published two new hubs, one on The Helford River in Cornwall and another on buying Motorola Droid Screen Protectors Online. In addition I joined Xomba - which is a site which allows both bookmarking of existing sites and new articles to be written. As a result I wrote five articles on Xomba - We7 Music, Work from the beach with Google Adsense, Amazon, eBay and Hubpages, Get A Hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall, What time does evening start? and Valued Opinions. As you will notice several of these articles are linked to articles I already have in Hubpages and Infobarrel etc and so it was a chance for me to see how well Xomba compares in terms of the search engine rankings which will be something I shall do more and more in the future so keep checking back to this page to see how I get on.

Hubpages - $49.62 (70% increase over January 2010)
Infobarrel - $1.29 (2% decrease over January 2010)
Xomba - $1.41 (New this month)

As can be seen, I did sort of hit my targets from the January 2010 update. I managed to stop the slide in total earnings and in fact posted a large increase. However, this was mainly due to excellent performance from Hubpages and there was still a slight fall in earnings from Infobbarel which is worrying. I was also pleased with the earnings from Xomba, especially as I only started using Xomba during February 2010 and only wrote five articles.

In March 2010 I hope to keep my total earnings from all sites over $50 and hopefully manage to push the earnings from Hubpages alone over $50 and with that I shall round up my monthly earnings report for February 2010.


  1. Hi - thanks for the info. - I see you have 39 hubs so that would be an average of just over $1 per month per hub which is about the same average as I am getting with 60 hubs (singular investor). I make practically nothing from Infobarrel so have not bothered much with it - I use shetoldme and xomba for backlinks as the money from them seems very low. Another one is which is also useful for backlinks and some small amounts from clicks. Thanks for the info on opinion polls too - I shall check them out

  2. Hi. Thanks for commenting. I use all of those sites you mention (She Told Me, Xomba and Snipsly) for backlinks although at the present stage I am unsure which are best for improving page rank and which are best for earnings (so far earnings from all of them are very low).