The importance of adding trackers to all Hubpages links

Hubpages is my primary online revenue source at the moment. Hubpages is an online revenue sharing site - you post articles on whatever you want and in return your adverts are shown 60% of the time (giving you a chance of earning 60%) of the total profits. Hubpages also run a scheme where it is possible to earn money from referral trackers and this is what this blog post is concerning.

As has been said 60% of adverts are attributed to the writer of the article, with the remaining 40% going to Hubpages. However, it is possible to get you adverts shown by setting up trackers, which are small pieces of code which can be set up in links to any pages on Hubpages, whether they be the web addresses for individual hubs or the Hubpages homepage. The earning comes in two ways:

1) If you signup a new member to Hubpages your Adsense, Amazon etc code is shown 10% of the time on all of their pages automatically.
2) If you link to an individual page your code for Amazon, Adsense etc is shown either 12% or 9% of the time. It is automatically 12%, but if the hub author signed up through a code and is therefore subject to 1) it becomes 9%.

In both of these cases the person who wrote the hub continues to get 60%, the 12%/10%/9% comes out of Hubpages share of the earnings!

I have been adding trackers to all of my links on Hubpages, and up until now I have sort of ignored the earnings from trackers. However, using Adsense I track every individual hub URL and recently noticed that the sum of all of these individual hub URLs was only 95% of my total Adsense earnings from Hubpages. There are two areas where this remaining 5+% could have come from. Firstly it could have come from slideshow views (since I don't bother setting up individual trackers for each image in the slideshow this could be the case). However, I investigated further using Analytics (I have linked both accounts) and it appears that slideshow views only account for about 2% of my total hubpages earnings - which means that 3% has come from trackers. Whilst this may not seem like much at all, when you consider my total earnings, it is a not insignificant figure.

In addition, I am continuing to get people to click through using one of my trackers and so I am still getting the chance of earning from one of the two ways mentioned above. I decided to look at the traffic going to hubs of the people I have signed up to Hubpages, and over the last three days it has averaged out at approximately 70 page impressions per day allocated to me. If this trend were to be continued this will lead to just over 2000 page impressions a month, so with $1eCPM I would earn $2 per month, a $2eCPM I would earn $4 a month etc. This may seem like small change, but this is truly income for practically no work - other than inserting a small tracker (which takes literally five seconds) in every link I did nothing. For this reason I would definitely recommend everyone else uses trackers wherever possible.

Does anyone else use trackers on Hubpages? Noticed any serious traffic/earnings?

More information on Hubpages trackers and how to set them up


  1. Wow, that is a whole lot of evaluation going on there. I tried to figure out where my hubpages earnings came from but got bored and confused so gave up.
    I do use a few trackers so can see where some people have signed up from but that's as far as it goes.
    Keep up the good work and have a happy April.

  2. It was quite a lot of evaluation which I have done! Didn't actually take to long though - thats the advantage of URL trackers in Adsense and combining Google Analytics with Google Adsense.

  3. It looks like you have done well with HubPages. The key is also to create content-rich Hubs that offer the most value, as in comparison to other similar pages.

    The nice thing about HubPages is that you can keep tweaking your pages and you don't have to wait for your pages to be re-approved.

    If everyone could create 2 Hubs each day of the week, barring weekends, this would result in 500 Hubs in 1 year. Think of the earning potential of that!

  4. Write and earn I have done reasonably well at Hubpages - but of course there is always room for improvement! If you managed to get that 500 hubs in a year and managed to earn the same per hub as I do that would be almost $1000 per month just from hubs!

  5. BB,
    Great to see you. I have only used trackers a few times. I have yet to have any sign-ups despite over 500 usages of the tracker. I would love to get that to happen since the earning potential is large. Right now, though, I am still just working on content.

  6. Thanks Kidgas! I have found it to be a very useful way of increasing earnings with little work - hopefully you will see the same!