Redgage and She Told Me comparison - which site is best for making money on the internet?

As regular readers of this blog will know, it is primarily about making money on the internet.  To make the money on the internet I use a wide variety of sites.  Primarily my income has come from Hubpages and Webanswers, but I am trying to diversify my income.  Two sites I have been using to diversify my income for a while are (She Told Me) and (Redgage) and every month I provide monthly earnings updates which include earnings from these sites.  These sites also have another benefit - it is possible to backlink to my other sites using both Redgage and She Told Me, meaning improved search engine rankings (good SEO) and direct traffic.

I initially started using these two websites for the purpose of providing do-follow (dofollow) backlinks, since these are best for SEO purposes, with the added advantage of earnings potential.  They both work in slightly different ways and so I feel it is worth explaining this for new readers before going into detail on which one I think is best, so if you are already familiar with both sites I recommend you skip the next couple of paragraphs.

Redgage is webpage where an individual signs up.  Once they have signed up is possible to upload a blog, photo, video, document or link.  Whichever option is chosen, there is the possibility that Redgage will earn money from adverts shown alongside the content.  Redgage then recycle a proportion of this money to an individual.  In addition, they may give bonuses when they consider a piece of work to be particularly good.  Earnings from Redgage are earned within the site, and are paid through a Visa debit card once the amount in the account reaches around $25.

She Told Me is primarily about creating links to other sites and other content, primarily for SEO purposes.  Links have to be accompanied by a minimum volume of text.  Money is earned on She Told Me through Google Adsense revenue sharing and so there is a need to have a Google Adsense account before it is possible to make money from She Told Me.  On each She Told Me page there are a number of Google Adsense blocks, on all links submitted the submitter gets 100% revenue sharing on one particular block of ads.  She Told Me keeps the earnings from the other two blocks, unless an individual signs up through an affiliate link, in which case the referrer gets one of these blocks (meaning the content writer has one block, the person who introduced to them gets one block and gets the final block).  She Told Me also makes money from private adverts and Chitika adverts.

As can be seen, if initially starting out, Redgage may be the best site for making money as there is less need to sign up for external companies such as Google Adsense.  However, assuming you already have a Google Adsense account and are looking to use Redgage or She Told Me to increase income from additional sites which site is better?

I have signed up for both sites well over a year ago and have approximately the same number of links on each site.  Therefore I feel I can provide a reasonable overview of the quality of the sites.  Put simply, I have earned slightly more directly on She Told Me than I have on Redgage (about 30%).  Obviously this is in the form of Google Adsense revenue though and since I already earn money using Google Adsense elsewhere it is also much more likely I will get my She Told Me money before Redgage money (at the present rate it will take me about 2 years to reach each payout using Redgage).

There is another source of income which can be directly measured and that is the traffic from each of these sources to my other sites.  My links have provided about three times more traffic to my Hubpages articles as have my links.  Also assuming a typical earnings rate for each Hubpages impression, this will result in Redgage earning me more money.

Another source of traffic is much harder to quantify.  I mentioned that I used each of these sites for backlinking and SEO purposes.  It is very hard to measure how well each of these sites affects the search engine rankings of the linked to page and so I won't even attempt to.  The only thing I will say, is that for short, important keywords Redgage seems to rank higher than She Told Me for a given phrase (I assume this amongst other things is an indication of relative pageranks).  However, since links on She Told Me are accompanied by much more text, it is worth remembering that She Told Me generally ranks for longer tail keywords and a lot more.

So which one would I recommend using for making money on the internet, in particular in gaining backlinks.  Direct earnings are very similar between the two, but Redgage links are much quicker to create and so it is possible to create many more Redgage links in a given time.  However, there are definitely advantages to using She Told Me - earnings are paid using Google Adsense and so if you are already at/near monthly payouts with this system you will see the rewards much quicker than likely with Redgage where you will need to build up to $25.  All in all, I would recommend Redgage should be the first site to use (mainly due to it being much quicker to create links), with She Told Me being a good second.

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Have you used Redgage, She Told Me, or both?  If so what sort of experiences have you had?  Which one do you think leads to the highest earnings.  Use the comment box below.


  1. Thanks for this post! I'm looking at making money online (who isn't?) and this was really helpful.

    So when you reach the payout threshhold for Redgage they send out a visa card with your earnings on? Can you use it in the UK do you know?

    Interesting points on using the above for boosting Hubpages traffic too (btw I've heard good things about Squidoo as well have you tried them?)

    Off to read more of your blog!
    ~Kaz x

  2. Hi really useful post. As a fellow writer on HubPages (who's just started out), I am glad to see that you have earned a decent amount of money from them. I have just signed up for redgage today, mostly for the backlinks, but I was wondering about how the payment system works in the UK. It is somewhat unusual, sending out a card, with money on it, do you know if they will post the card to users outside the US? Will it be in dollars or pounds? With the rate of earnings, it's not exactly a pressing worry, but still would be good to know. I would probably be more comfortable with adsense tbh. Thanks