My Homepages-Friends Compatibility with Google Chrome

It was asked by The Analyst in the comment section of this post whether it was possible to use a Homepages-Friends search box with the Chrome browser. For those of you unfamiliar with Homepages-Friends, this is a company which pays a small amount everytime you carry out a search, either through the dedicated search box in a browser or through a personalised web page. More information on this can be found here.

I contacted Homepages Friends via email, and they have now got back to me. The response was at present the service is not compatible with Chrome.

It is my opinion though that it would be prudent for the company to make their browser compatible with Chrome, as whilst at present it only has a market share of just over 1%, one would expect that this percentage will climb. As a result I would be surprised if the company doesn't bring out a search box for Google Chrome within the next few months. Until then though, those of you who use Google Chrome will have to make do with your personalised webpages if you wish to get paid when searching the internet.

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