Weekly Earnings Update - 30th March 2009

Over the last week since my last weekly update I have been unable to spend as much time on my online money making activities as I would have liked. I have however signed up for a new service called Tagfoot, and this seems to be a social bookmarking site a bit like Digg or Delicious, only Tagfoot has the added advantage of teh possibility from earning from the bookmarking. I intend to create a post explaining this in the near future when I have a better knowledge of the site.

Apart from this I have taken part in a couple of surveys, and have also published a new hub on hubpages on Falmouth beaches. I have also carried out a number of searches using Homepages-Friends, where I get paid for searching the internet. Whilst my earnings continue to be low, there is some increase on last week, and this is particularly encouraging considering I haven't really spent a lot of time on hubpages, and yet my earnings have more than doubled over the previous week. I am also getting very close to earning a total of £10 from Homepages-Friends, which is half way to pay out.

Hubpages adsense weekly earnings: $1.00

Homepages-Friends weekly earnings: £1.63

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