Changes to OpinionWorld

I have used a paid survey site called OpinionWorld many times. I liked the site because they previously paid per survey directly into a PayPal account, unlike other companies which would give points for each individual survey, and once a certain level of points had been achieved these would be exchanged for some sort of reward. However, despite recently receiving a further £1 into my PayPal account, I have noticed a change to the OpinionWorld surveys. Now, many surveys are given points. Whilst there is no difference to the amount earned for each survey as far as I can tell, there is the need to save up to £10 (so ten surveys need to be completed). I should imagine the company has done this to save on administration costs, as well as many people never reaching the payout level.

I personally feel that this is a disappointing change though and as a result I will be much less likely to complete OpinionWorld surveys in the future.

I have also adjusted my OpinionWorld review accordingly to take account of these new changes.

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