Monthly Update - July 2009

During the past month I have started using Infobarrel properly, and have written my first 3 articles - are they called infobarrels or barrels?. They were primarily used to compliment some of my existing hubs, so one was on summer events in Bristol, one was on how to become an avon representative in Canada, and the final was on Cribbs Causeway.
I also published five new hubs. These were, as with most of my hubs, on random topics which came to my mind. As a result I wrote a hub on the hotels in Falmouth, Cornwall, a holiday in Flushing, how to become an Avon representative in the UK and becoming an Avon representative in the US and buying the best rubber teachers stamps.

Aside from these I have discovered that Homepages-Friends, where I got paid for searching the internet, is no longer running the service as of the 1st August, and so July will be my last set of updated figures.

Hubpages: $19.74 (59% increase on June 2009)
Homepages-Friends: £0.83 (12% decrease on June 2009)
Infobarrel: $0.48 (New for July 2009)

I was hoping that I would break through the $20 barrier for earnings from Hubpages for this month, but in the end came very close. However, I should hopefully make it in August. I have also made a smaller amount from Infobarrel, I will aim for much more modest earnings of $2 from Infobarrels over the coming month. To help me achieve these goals over the next month I hope to create a few more hubs/infobarrels as well as improve my existing ones.


  1. Good to see your income growing! I hope my Hub income grows soon too - plus I really want to get started in Infobarrel.

  2. Hi Web Career Girl. I am sure your hubs will increase at a suitable rate. If you wish to sign up for Infobarrel, and haven't already, why not sign up through the link on my website, as then I have the opportunity to earn a portion of Infobarrel's share of their money they earn from your srticles!

  3. Hey Bristolboy,

    I'm glad to hear you are starting to make a bit of money with Infobarrel

    I honestly think that making $2 next month will be a walk in the park. Take a look at the contest and see if you can get your revenue share percentage bumped up. It helps motivated you to write more (which makes you more money) and by doing so you wind up getting a larger cut of the Adsense Impressions.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading more of your content on Infobarrel!

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey, You are doing good. I've just passed 100$ this month and I see that you may join the league until end of year.

  5. Thanks for commenting Ryan and Bloggerdollar. I agree that it should easily be possible to reach $2 from Infobarrel for the coming month. I believe that after the last contest I am at a higher revenue share level for this month, and it is something I hope to replicate this month. I also intend on writing at least one blog post on the Infobarrel contests!

    It is my aim to reach $100 a month from Adsense and as you say Bloggerdollar I may be able to get at that level by the end of the year (mainly from Hubpages I expect with a contribution from Infobarrel as well hopefully!).

  6. Hi there! Greetings from a fellow Brit!
    Just wanted to say keep plugging away at the hubpages and info barrels and you will see your adsense increase very nicely.

    I have written over 100 hubs and am working on info barrels next. Fingers crossed they will do even better.

    If you just keep writing, you will definitely reach your $100 monthly goal.
    Good luck.

  7. Hi tiptopcat! Thanks for the encouragement. I have read your earnings update on yoru own personal blog and it appears you are doing much better than me from Adsense at the present time, however you do have about five times as many hubs as me!
    Bloggerdollar who has also posted above has been doing monthly updates for some time now, and he shows that it is even easier to make a decent level of money out of hubpages. He is earning over $100 from only 40 hubs, which is a very good return.
    Also, as he has a lot of updates, it is possible to see how the income increases as the hubs age, and get additional backlinks.