Monthly Update - September 2009

I realise this is a bit late - but you know what they say, better late than never!

During September I wrote 6 hubs, but no new infobarrels. The hubs I wrote were on Negative Calorie Foods: Celery, My top 10 songs, answering the questions What is the longest river in England?, What is the highest mountain in England? and How do I find my WEP key? and Jack Wills Clothing. There was no financial reason for why I chose to put these 6 articles on Hubpages, I just felt that it would be easier than putting on Infobarrel since with Infobarrel all articles need to be approved.

So here are my earnings for September, along with the change from the previous month:

Hubpages: $26.40 (10% increase on August earnings)
Infobarrel: $6 (138% increase on August earnings)

You may recall that the targets I set in my August monthly update were to earn $5 from Infobarrel and $30 from Hubpages. As you can see, I met my target for Infobarrel, but didn't for Hubpages. As such I shall keep the same targets for both, since I did not publish anything on Infobarrel in the last month, so there is the possibility my earnings from this site will be down.

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