Monthly Update - August 2009

During August I have written a further three Infobarrels. These are one on reviews of paid survey sites in the UK, one on shopping areas in Bristol and one on how to unlock a UK mobile phone. As they were all longer than 1000 words, I have achieved 15 points, which means that I will get 80% revenue share. Put simply, this means my Adsense code will be used to show adverts 80% of the time on Infobarrel. What is more, I could have had a revenue share of up to 90% by writing more articles.

I also managed to write one hub on the website Hubpages on the basic rules of soccer.

I continued to earn money from Adsense earnings throughout this month from both Infobarrel and Hubpages, as shown below.

Hubpages: $24.09 (22% increase on July 2009)
Infobarrel: $2.52 (525% increase on July 2009)

As can be seen, there was a considerable increase in earnings from both sources. I exceeded my targets for earnings which I set in my July 2009 Monthly Update. I saw a very high increase in earnings for Infobarrel, however, this is to be expected since I produced my first Infobarrels in July and they are still maturing. The 22% increase in Hubpages earnings is also very good and shows how hubs earn more money as they mature, since in August I increased my total number of hubs by less than 4% and yet saw an increase in earnings of 22%.

I am pleased with my earnings for the last month, but intend on setting further targets for earnings in September. I wish to earn $30 from Hubpages and $5 from Infobarrel. Whilst these targets are relatively hard, particularly the Inforbarrel one, I hope it can be reached and will write articles to help me do it.


  1. Hi there,
    Just wanted to add my congratulations for your efforts. I love the fact that you have worked out the percentage increases that you have noticed. Very impressive. Good luck on achieving your goals and I look forward to reading September's monthly update.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Tiptopcat. I am glad you enjoyed the fact that I worked out the percentage increases, I would love to claim it was my idea but I discovered it on a blog which is sadly no longer updated.