Adverts on Hubpages Mobile

Hubpages is an online revenue sharing website which earns money partly through adverts at the time of writing does not show adverts on page views from cell phones.

I have recently purchased a brand new phone, the amazing HTC Desire and so I decided to read a hub my someone I follow. One thing I noticed straight away was there was no adverts shown. I did a bit more research and it turns out no hubs have adverts on them, although where there are eBay and Amazon referral links these DO show up. As a result, from mobile impressions eBay and Amazon are the only sources of income at the present stage.

This issue only occurs on sites such as Hubpages where there are mobile versions of pages. Other sites such as Infobarrel and Xomba do not appear to have mobile sites as such and so when viewing these sites through mobile devices the normal desktop version is displayed and so there is still the potential to earn through Adsense clicks.

I did a bit of research using Google Analytics and discovered impressions on my hubs from mobile sources amounted to about 1000. As a result, I could possibly earn more if adverts were shown on Hubpages when accessed through a mobile device such as the iPhone, Blackberry or Android device such as the Motorola Droid or HTC Droid Incredible.

Hopefully in the future adverts will be shown on hubs when displayed upon a mobile device. A main reason for me hoping this will happen is Google Adsense are hoping to take over the major mobile ad network, Admob and if this happens Admob would be incorporated into the Adsense system.

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