Monthly Update - May 2010

I wrote a few articles over the past month for Hubpages, Xomba etc and continued with my backlinking using sites such as Xomba, SheToldMe etc.  I also set up a few more free blogger blogs to try out new ideas.

Another large income source for me this month was TopCashBack (I earned in excess of £200!).  I intend to write a full blog post on this in the next few days but basically it is the most generous cashback scheme in the UK.  However, since this isn't strictly a source of residual income it isn't included below.  In addition, if you sign up through the link provided here before mid June then you will get a bonus of £2.50 when you reach £5 in your account.

If you remember from my April 2010 update my aim was to hit $75 with Hubpages and $5 with all the other sources combined, with an ambitious target of $100 in total.  Without further ado here are my online residual income earnings for May 2010:

Hubpages: $125.81 (62% increase over April 2010)
Infobarrel: $0.69 (78% decrease over)
Xomba: $1.70 (133% increase)
Webanswers: $0.20 (25% increase)
Redgage: $0.19 (94% decrease)
SheToldMe: $3.33 (New this month)

As can be seen from this I easily exceeded all my targets.  Hubpages, which makes up the bulk of my earnings, had a massive increase and by itself took me over the magical $100 level.  The best news about this was that teh increase was due to increases in traffic to most of my Hubpages.  
Infobarrel unfortunately fell quite sharply and was passed by SheToldMe and Xomba which is probably a result of all the work I have spent on these sites with backlinking articles etc.  
Redage had a sharp fall, but this just reflected the fact I didn't use the site as much in April and I didn't get a $3 bonus like I did in March.

My targets for June 2010 are quite modest, mainly due to me being pre-occupied with the World Cup in South Africa.  As a minimum I would like to keep my online income above $100 although I will be aiming to push on to $150 if I get the time.


  1. Nice earning mate. You inspired me to write hubs and xomba..

  2. Rahul - thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish you luck in becoming as successful, or more successful than me at this!

  3. Congrats on the HubPages earnings. That is very impressive.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Kidgas!