Infobarrel and Tagfoot - two new ways of making money online

I have recently discovered a couple of cool new websites which I plan on making more use of when I have more time.

The first is called Infobarrel. It is another site where it is possible to submit articles, with the potential of earning money from it. As with Hubpages, it works on revenue sharing using Adsense. There appears to be more freedom to experiment with different formats on Infobarrel, and so this leads to more possibilities. I believe links from Infobarrel are Do-Follow, and so it is a good resource for getting backlinks. Also, revenue sharing is 75% for the author and 25% for the company, but if enough articles are written in May then this becomes 90% for the author and 10% for the company. This website definately seems very promising, and I would appreciate feedback on it. Sign up here.

The second webiste is one which I have slightly more experience with. This is called Tagfoot and is similar to Digg and other social bookmarking sites, with the only difference it is possible to earn money using Adsense. Practically anything can be tagged, from videos and pictures to articles. Revenue sharing is 50/50 between the tagger and the company, but in the case of the referrals the company's share is split. I also believe they give backlinks, and so it is a relatively easy way of getting backlinks, and possibly more traffic and revenue. This is definately something I would recommend using. See the tag of this page, and sign up here. Once again I would appreciate your feedback on Tagfoot, and why not add me as a friend and start sharing the articles you tag with me!

Thanks for reading and I wish you luck if you sign up with either of these schemes.

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