Monthly Update - June 2010

Is it really already that time of the month again?  It only seems like a week ago that I did my last monthly update.  Time really does fly when you are watching every game of the World Cup, even when your team plays absolutely awfully!  No point in making excuses about dodgy linesmen etc - all of the performances were rubbish.  Anyway enough of the footie - I am sure most of you only care about the figures (if you want to know about the World Cup find yourself a different blog!).

During the last month I have done very little in the way of trying to increase my online income beyond a quick little bit of backlinking using the sites mentioned in previous months (Redgage, Xomba, SheToldMe etc) but even this was in very small amounts.  I did however receive money in my bank account from TopCashBack - over £230 which is in excess of US$350 which is not too bad considering I was going to take out that exact mobile phone contract anyway!

You may remember that my target set in my May 2010 Monthly Update was to try and keep my earnings above $100, and if possible push on to $150 (although this was dependent on time and the World Cup took up the majority of my time during June 2010).  So here are my earnings for June 2010, again with an indication of whether it was an increase or decrease.

Hubpages: $133.75 (6% increase over June 2010)
Infobarrel: $0.58 (16% decrease)
Xomba: $2.55 (50% increase)
Webanswers: $0.33 (65% increase)
Redgage: $0.07 (63% decrease)

This month I actually managed to increase my total earnings slightly, with an increase in Webanswers, Xomba and most importantly Hubpages more than making up for a decrease in Redgage and Infobarrel income.  This meant I exceeded my conservative target of earning $100 from residual income sources and actually was less than $15 within my target of $150 which is impressive considering I did little to nothing this month with my online activities so this can truly be called residual income.

My targets for July 2010 are to increase my earnings further - I would like to make a minimum of $150 from all sources combined and try and get Xomba over $5 if possible (although this will require a near doubling of income from this source).

I also hope to manage to make a few more posts on this site to see if it results in more traffic (I am driven by the excellent traffic to My Money Making Experiment, Residuals and Royalties and My Online Income By Kidags to name just a few blogs which also do monthly online money making updates and if I could achieve just a fraction of their traffic I would be very happy).


  1. Hi BB -
    One of the first ways I was making extra money was to sign up to all the cashback sites. I think i manage to earn around £500- £600 at the time. Not bad making money from things you were gonna buy anyway.

    Well done on exceeding your targets for this month and good luck for July.

    Re football - well - er - none of the top teams have played well at all in this tournament. That's me done on the topic of football!

    Many thanks for the link too.

  2. How many hubs do you have?

  3. @Tiptopcat - I have found cashback sites to be a very good way of making money online but unfortunately so far I am yet to make as much as you! You are welcome with the link - your blog is very good!

    @Carrie - I have about 45 hubs, but of these only 15 made over $1 from Adsense last month which shows how random the earning potential from hubs is.

  4. I think July's gonna fly by even faster. We're almost a week in. Scary.

    Your earnings are on the up and up. Good on you (and your wallet!!)

    I have a Hubpage and Xomba account. Not particularly active on those though I do get ad clicks every now and then. Less active on Hubpages. Might revisit both at some point, but I'm focused on other things for now.

    Again, well done for last month and all the best this month.

    Take care...

  5. Thanks for commenting ebele. My earnings are going up so hopefully they will continue. I have certainly managed to earn a fair amount so far although have had a couple of months of high increases in earnings so I am probably due a drop soon!

  6. Was wondering how many hubs you had myself.. but I came and saw it was already asked! I had a few hubs myself.. one which was doing quite well.. and I guess a competitor flagged it and now it's been impossible to get it back up. Even though I've removed everything they said I should. :/ I then sorta gave up on it. But maybe I should try creating a few new ones.

    Anyway.. good luck with you July Earnings!

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  7. TriNi, I have already answered that question about my number of hubs although hopefully I will get it up to 50 before too long! I have actually found Hubpages to be very good - much better than the alternatives such as Squidoo but then I guess what works for one person doesn't work for another. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Wow, Hubpages are working out really great - I have a few up but never placed the appropriate time into them.

    Definitely inspires me to pick it back up and get to work :)

  9. Hi Murlu. As you can see I have had lots of good fortune with Hubpages so maybe you should try it again!

  10. I have read your work in Hubpages, being a fellow hubber it feels good to know you are doing well. Your work has potential and earnings were bound to come. Cheers for many more.

    One of your earlier fans in Hubpages.

  11. Thanks for commenting Anonymous! Not sure who you are but it is good to know that people are following my progress!