Monthly Update - November 2010

As you may have remembered, my last update was less than a month ago and was for the months of August, September and October 2010.  Once again I haven't done any work to expand my online income, other than writing this aforementioned blog entry and responding to comments on my Hubpages/Infobarrel/blog articles and so my income is once again practically passive.  It will be interesting to see whether my earnings will continue to improve.

Hubpages: $182.74 (6% increase over October 2010)
Infobarrel: $0.17 (94% decrease)
Shetoldme: $0.21 (80% decrease)
Xomba: $0.34 (57% decrease)
Webanswers: $76.65 (10% increase)

As can be seen, in November, whilst more individual streams fell than increased, overall my online income grew due to great growth from Webanswers and Hubpages which are my two highest earning sources.  Considering I haven't spent any time trying to increase my online income since August, for my month on month online income to still be increasing is very good news for me.  Hopefully I will be able to carry this forward, although I imagine that my increase is partly due to the season and so come the new year my income will drop because of this - but we shall see......


  1. That is certainly impressive to see such increases without having done any work. Certainly has to make you feel pretty good.

  2. Hey BB, It is great to see what truly passive income is eh?

    But just imagine what the numbers would be if you had time to work on more hubs and barrels etc?
    Good luck for December.

  3. @ Kidgas. Thanks for stopping on by. It definitely does make me feel pretty good and it definitely is helping my average earnings per hour spent worked trying to earn an online income.

    @Tiptopcat. If I had spent time working on more hubs I reckon I could have made it much more, especially considering I now think I have greater experience and know to a greater degree what earns. Still, until I get the time the work I have done so far isn't bad!

  4. Congrats on your earnings, very nice for completely passive work!

  5. Congrats on your earnings increase. Now that's what I call passive income. Hopefully the trend will continue into next year.

  6. You should have your referral links for these websites. I mean you can earn a boat load like that. Good luck!

  7. Thanks on replying Felicia. Not sure whether the trend will continue for 2011 but it certainly continued for December 2010! Brian P I sometimes put referral links in, but other times I decide not too or just am too lazy!