Monthly Update - December 2010

Following on from my November 2010 earnings, once again I haven't done any work to expand my online income, other than writing this aforementioned blog entry and responding to comments on my Hubpages/Infobarrel/blog articles and so my income is once again practically passive. It will be interesting to see whether my earnings will continue to improve.  There is a change this month though, regular readers of my blog will know I normally put increase from previous months.  However, I have switched over to getting my Adsense earnings in GBP and since Adsense is my main revenue stream I will switch to making these reports in GBP, with conversions from other currencies to GB where necessary, using Wolfram Alpha.

Hubpages: £133.29
Infobarrel: £1.07
Shetoldme: £0.79
Webanswers: £40.05

I am happy with this, especially considering once again I did no work, and will be keen to see whether these increase continue into January 2010.

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