Monthly Update - January 2010

So, a bit late, but you know what they say - better late than never!  You may recollect that in the final month of 2010 I moved across to GBP earnings, and so my earnings are once again in GBP.  You may remember that I had a good month in December 2010 and although I was close to earning £200 and wanted to hit this in January, realistically I knew this was highly unlikely.  So here are my earnings:

Webanswers: £35.42 (11.5% decrease over December 2010)
Infobarrel: £0.07 (93% decrease)
She Told Me: £0.31 (61% decrease)
Xomba: £0.21 (not in Dec 2010)
Hubpages: £92.20 (31% decrease)
Total: £128.21

As can be seen my earnings definitely took a hit in January 2011 compared with December 2010.  However, it is worth noting this was after Christmas when many advertises cut down on budgets and a couple of my high performing Christmas articles dropped out.  It is still disappointing, but this is what you get if you don't work at it for months!

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