Monthly Update - April 2011

As this post is a bit late I shall keep it brief!

Aside from a few posts on this blog, I did very little online work during April and as a result the majority of my earnings are residual, so I suppose I am in no position to complain whatever the result!  You may remember that for the last few months I have seen decreases in my earnings linked to the Google Panda update - I wonder if this will continue?

Webanswers: £14.79 (11% increase from March 2011)
Infobarrel: £0.48 (67% decrease)
She Told Me: £0.07 (600% increase)
Xomba: £0.07 (99% decrease)
Hubpages: £50.56 (29% decrease)
Total: £65.97 (28% decrease)

This was the first full month for which the Panda update had been in effect and so I expected to see some decrease in earnings.  Whilst I am disappointed about the earnings decrease it is not as bad as it could have been and so I am not too disappointed.  Whilst there was once again a large decrease in my Hubpages earnings, it is encouraging to see the Webanswers earnings having a slight rebound.  Hopefully the decreases in earnings for Hubpages and total will stop now that Panda has fully taken effect and my Webanswers earnings will continue their rebound.

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