Monthly Update - June 2009

Once again this month I have not spent a lot of time on online money making activities. However, I have written five hubs. With the exception of one on the top 10 countries with the largest population, they have performed relatively poorly. The other hubs which I have written are ones on the best places to get opening times for businesses in the UK, shopping in Falmouth, the online jukebox We7, and audioboo - the audio Twitter.

June 2009 earnings:

Hubpages: $11.69 (87% decrease from May)
Home-pages Friends: £0.93 (42% decrease from May)

From other sources, including paid surveys I earnt nothing, which is to be expected since I have been unable to complete any for the last few months. Hopefully I will be able to complete more soon though.

As can be seen my earnings, especially from Hubpages, experienced a massive drop in the previous month. This was mainly due to the good fortune which I had in May when a link to one of my Hubpages appeared on the front page of Yahoo! (see page on massive Adsense earnings surge). In addition, for the vast majority of June several of my hubs, including my most constantly performing one financially, seemed to drop right down the Google rankings, resulting in a massive drop in traffic. However, these have now started to appear back in the Google rankings, and so my earnings from these should hopefully increase in July.


  1. I also have noticed a decrease in earnings from Home-pages Friends for June. As most of my earnings on there come via referrals I guess that more and more people were abandoning the site over payment issues.

  2. I have yet to create hubs still kinda new, any further info would be greatly appreciated:)

  3. Thanks for commenting!

    @ The Daily Click It may be the case that people aren't searching as much. I have also heard though that the referral system has changed so maybe this has something to do with it. I have read your site and found it to be very good!

    @ Steve - what sort of information are you after on starting up on Hubpages? Have you signed up yet, if not I recommend you sign up using a link above as they are referral so I shall potentially earn something, with no reduction in your potential earnings.

  4. The earnings will increase in time don't worry. I'm very close to 100$/month and I don't have too many Hubs either.

  5. Thanks for commenting BloggerDollar. Hopefully my earnings shoudl soon start to increase further.

  6. I have started to build hubs recently too, so reading your blog is interesting. It's too soon for me to tell yet, but I look forward to hearing more from you!

  7. Web Career Girl. I hope that you have found it interesting. I tried checking out your website, and it appears like you have already written many more hubs than me! However, I hope my website can still be useful by giving you an idea of how hubs can earn more money as they age.