Hubpages increase Adsense ads

In the last week there has been good news for those people like myself who publish on Hubpages. Generally with Google Adsense there are limits to the number of adverts which can be displayed per page. However, recently Hubpages have been given permission to increase the number of adverts on each page. This will hopefully result in more income per page, especially when coupled with the update to the page layouts which was announced by Hubpages a few weeks ago. It will be interesting to see whether this is the case. It is only a shame it didn't happen when I had my massive traffic spike!


  1. Hey There,

    It's true that there are more ads but more ads don't mean that there are more people interested in the ads actually. Let's wait and see how it turns out.

    Nice Blog by the way. Don't forget to visit mine from time to time.

  2. Yes that is true about the increase in ads not necessarily converting to increased clicks and income. One thing I have noticed is an increase in earnings from impressions which means that I am earning money even without clicks.

    I have been looking at your blog relatively frequently and was waiting for your latest update for the April earnings update as it is always interesting to see how my monthly earnings change relates to others.