Surprise surge in Hubpages earnings

I was checking my Adsense account on Friday night and noticed that I had an abnormally large amount of traffic and clicks. At first I thought that this may have been to one of my two new hubs at Hubpages which i had written in the previous few of days (one was on great dance party songs and one was an opinionworld review). However, through the use of Channels I was able to see where the money was coming in and it was all to one particular hub, and all from one particular search term on Yahoo!. I was unsure as to what this was, but quickly discovered that it was due to the search term appearing on the Yahoo! homepage.

By Saturday night I was about $80 better off mainly due to this one hub, and so I was a very happy chap!


  1. I've found that traffic from Yahoo really converts well into Adsense clicks too. But I've nevermanaged $80 ina short while! Well done!

  2. Thanks. Hopefully it will happen again but I doubt it very much. No-one else on Hubpages seems to have experienced such a thing so think I was extremely lucky.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment Chris!