Monthly Update - April 2009

Over the last few weeks I have been out of the country, and unable to get internet access, and it is this which accounts for my lack of activity, including weekly updates. I apologise for this. However, I am now back in the country and will hopefully be able to update this blog more regularly.

During this time I have been unable to complete many online surveys, or many paid searches through Homepages-Friends. In addition, I have only been able to find the time to write one new article on Hubpages.

From now on I also intend to include percentage changes in income from all of the various sources, to see how they change from one months earnings report to the next, an idea I got from The Brainy Money blog.

April 2009 earnings:

Hubpages (Adsense): $13.49 (420% increase)
Home-pages Friends: £0.67 (75% decrease)
OpinionWorld surveys: £8 (400% increase)

Obviously the payments from OpinionWorld lag slightly, and so I would expect that it will take a while before I see the decrease in earnings from this due to lack of activity in April. My lack of activity on Home-pages Friends is very apparent, although hopefully my searches will once again start to increase now that I am back using my computer more. I am most pleased with my earnings from Hubpages though, since I have had a massive organic increase in earnings despite spending relatively little time on the site, and hopefully this is something that will continue.

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