Monthly Update - May 2009

During this month I have been rather busy and unable to commit too much time to my online money making activities. I wrote two hubs at the beginning of the month, on on Great Dance Party Songs and one a review of the online survey site OpinionWorld. I have also written a Knol on Biochar. This writing of the Knol was an experiment to see if Knol's would gather traffic, although unfortunately so far it has been extremely disappointing. Apart from this I have carried out a few paid searches using Homepages-Friends, but that is about it.

May 2009 earnings:

Hubpages: $88.73 (658% increase from April)
Home-pages Friends: £1.73 (258% increase from April)

From other sources, including paid surveys I earnt nothing, which is to be expected since I have been unable to complete any for the last few months. Hopefully I will be able to complete more soon though.

As can be seen there has been a massive increase in Adsense earnings. This was mainly due to the good fortune I faced with a link to a search result page being placed on the Yahoo homepage. For this Yahoo! search one of my hubs appeared top of the rankings, and so I achieved a lot of traffic from this with an associated surge in earnings. I also had a great increase in the amount I earnt from paid searches, although this may mainly be due to having carried out very few last month.

I hope to increase my number of hubs as well as exploring various other money making opportunities.


  1. You feel hub pages are better than knol in attracting traffic


  2. So far I do believe Hubpages is much better at attracting the traffic. However, I have only written one article on Knol so far, so it may just have been one which is unlikely to be very good. I intend to write additional articles on Knol which are on similar topics to my Hubpages articles, as hopefully this will give me an opportunity to compare like for like which achieve the best traffic. I can earn from Adsense ads on both sites, and it will be interesting to see which site earns more - although I suspect it will be Hubpages.

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